Guide to the 5 Best Beaches in Asia



If you often travel around the world, you should definitely come to Asia and explore some of its beaches. Asia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of them have extensive corals for snorkelers to explore. The following are the best 4 beaches in Asia for vacation spots on the beach.


1. Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is a white sandy beach with blue green water in Havelock Island, India. Much of the shoreline has been eroded away following the tsunami in 2004. However, people still come here to snorkel because it has the best coral. You can arrive at Elephant Beach by taking the road from Radhanagar Beach. It is more troublesome to take the other path in the forest as you have to wade through a shallow swampy water.  When coming to Elephant Beach, make sure you bring your own food and water as there are only a few food vendors around.


2. Sipadan Beach

Sipadan is a small island well known for scuba diving in Sabah, Malaysia. The island used to have resorts but they are closed down in an effect to protect the ocean. If you want to dive in Sipadan, you must first stay in a nearby place like Mabul or Kapalai. Every day, only 120 people are allowed to dive. Sipadan has a lot of hard and soft corals. While snorkeling, you can encounter marine animals like sea turtles, reef sharks, jackfish, and parrotfish. It has no restaurant, or accommodation other than the Sipdan Liveboard which provides cabins for up to 16 divers.


3. Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach is a 1km long beach with amazing sunset and calm sea waves in Sri Lanka. It is relaxing to sit on the seashore and watch the sky turn from yellow to red and then night. Most of the hotels are located at the entrance of the Hikkaduwa-Galle road. The main attraction on Hikkaduwa is the giant sea turtles. You can swim with these turtles. Visitors are also allowed to feed the turtles and fishes with bread. If you have no bread, you can pluck the seaweeds and feed them. Snorkeling can be done within a few yards from the shore.


4. Iho Tewoo Beach

Iho Tewoo beach is a 250m sandy beach on a slightly sloped hill in Jeju, South Korea. Boats can be hired to go out into the sea to catch some fishes. If you follow the pine tree, you will arrive at the red and white horse shape light houses. Iho Tewoo beach is equipped with a full range of facilities including camping, shower, changing, and drinking fountain. The Iho Taewoo Festival is being held on this beach from July – August. During the festival, there will be interesting competitions like boat and fish competition.


5. Patnem Beach

Patnem beach is a quiet beach located in the south of Goa, India. Lifeguards are available starting from the morning. With the quiet atmosphere, you can get some peace while sitting on the beach. Dogs are allowed on the beach. Most of the dogs on this beach are vaccinated and they don’t bite people. You can rent a kayak to visit other nearby beaches if the sea condition allowed. There is a train station not far awayso tourists who want to visit this beach can conveniently plan their trips.